About Foundations: Supporting Families

Foundations: Supporting Families is a registered Charity that opened in 2012 and aims to support Children and their families who are separated either from family breakdown, Local Authority interventions or through adoption. Our goal is to support parents / guardians / carers and children with communication, transition through change and contact whatever the reason that separation has occurred, helping families to reconnect and re-establish relationships in order to provide a better future for all involved.

toddler wearing white tank top near white wall
toddler wearing white tank top near white wall

Our principles

Safety First

Empathy and Understanding

Building Stronger Bonds

We prioritize the safety and well-being of every family member, providing a secure environment for supervised contact.

We approach every family situation with empathy and understanding, recognizing the challenges and emotions involved.

We believe in the power of positive interactions to build stronger bonds between parents and children, fostering healthy relationships.